You know for sure you want a UNIQUE authentic designer piece, but how do you know you got a designer item that’s 100% authentic? 

That’s a question we hear a lot.

On the pre-loved market there is so much fake going on, unfortunately. How do we, UNIQUE.designerbags know what’s real and what’s fake? 

Marije and Romy are hunting for designer items every day, for years, they both have there specialties. 

Marije is specialized in Chanel and Hermes, Romy in Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Balenciaga and Givenchy. 

When we buy a designer item we inspect them on a lot of things, the overall condition of the item, stitching, hardware, authenticity stamps, serial numbers, as well as the typical UNIQUE characteristics that every designer item should have.

If we have received a designer item that we don’t trust, we will get a third professional party to check the item for us, so we can make sure it’s always 100% safe!

Do you have any questions about an item we sell? Don’t hesitate and contact us, we are here to make you feel confident about your purchase!