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My love for designer bags started in my 20’s. I had a big crush on Gucci and Chanel. My first designer bag was a black Chanel Jumbo Single Flap bag with gold hardware. It was love at first sight! I have carried her for about 5 years almost every day. I loved it because it was a big bag and I love big bags! I like to carry a lot of stuff with me when I go away and I don’t want to think about what suits my bag.

I sold her when I started my own company because I needed the money, my first company in designer bags named The Perfect Vintage Bag! I remember the day I send her to a new owner, I was a bit sad because of all the memories I had with her!

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It was almost my birthday, June 2014. At that time I was reading a lot about investments. To be honest, I was 23 and not very good in saving money. My way of saving money was to invest in stable pieces!
I already had a Louis Vuitton Speedy and a Gucci Boston bag, but Chanel was from a hole other level!
I read a lot about the price increases of Chanel and thought, that’s interesting !
So I sold my 2 first designerbags and saved the rest of the money for my first Chanel Medium flap bag!
I bought my Chanel bag of course secondhand, It was a vintage piece from the year I was born, 1991 which made it extra special for me !

Here is a picture that I made when I just received it, I was so proud and happy (my parents thought I was crazy, hihi).
When I started using the bag I did not find it very practical for my lifestyle and I was secretly very curious how easy I could sell it so I made an advertisement, and It was sold in about a week!! That’s where it all started…. Hihi.