2 Girls, 1 passion, designer bags!

Marije had her own company for around 3 years, ‘The perfect vintage bag’. She was buying and selling the most beautiful pre-loved designerbags.

One day Romy contact Marije for selling her Chanel bag, they had a deal and meet.

since then there was a connection between the two!

I mean, give them a good cup of coffee and a Chanel bag to talk about and the rest is history!

Romy also has a big crush on designer bags, for her it all started as a hobby that slowly turned out as a true job in buying and selling designer bags. Romy loved the combination of new affordable clothing labels with pre-loved higd end designer bags and by that she was realizing her own store, !

At one point they both realize that you know a lot more together then alone, together they were starting buying and selling, and that goes very well!

Marije always has the dream to start her own webshop, so why not doing it together?

And voilà, there was UNIQUE.designerbags, a webshop with a story!